Our Brands

Your strapless solution!
A Comfortable Full Support Solution with Boosted Cleavage
Made from a 3M medical adhesive
From Holland.
I Love Chakra in an Australian brand, founded in 2006. 
Their powerful crystal designs are beautiful emblems of self-empowerment and positive change created to help bring awareness to your chakra system, and make beautiful and meaningful gifts for you and those you love.
Clean Heels are the original heel stopper - designed to stop heels sinking into grass or sand and to protect wooden floors.
As seen on Dragon's Den in the UK.
Made in UK
Plume - The Dress
This amazing multi-wear one size dress, transforms into 30 different unique styles by simply adjusting the wrap around straps.
Suitable for all occasions.
Different crowd! 
Different place!
Different you!
Plume offers sales, Commissions and rentals of beautiful hats. 
Their classically styled hats are the perfect complement to an outfit for weddings, the races, polo matches or any other special event.
Plume can also add embellishment and colour to either one of our existing hats or a hat that you own to add more interest or co-ordinate to an outfit. 
Fuuties™ are thin, stick-on, protective insoles to keep YOUR footies safe from the elements!  An environmentally friendly minimalist’s dream – they’re made with a hospital grade adhesive and are infused with a patent-pending antimicrobial barrier to protect from the tiny organisms that can be found in damp environments.  Fuuties™ are designed and produced to ensure that no humans or fur-friends are harmed.  They’re vegan and barefoot friendly!
Satin Bridal Robes.
Excellent quality from USA
Umbrella in a bottle
AMERICA'S ORIGINAL Umbrella in a Bottle

Discover the most functional, fashionable and fun way to stay dry.