March 12, 2016 Dees Boutique

Another happy client! :))))
"I'd like to report that the heel stoppers are very comfortable to walk in"
Thank you so much!"
"Thank you for arranging the large order of heel stoppers for me at such short notice...even delivering them in person :) They made an immense difference to the party!
A novel and practical solution to the irritating 'Sinking in the grass problem'. Thanks again!"
"Ahh Heel Stoppers!
Perfect, exactly what I need for tonight, how clever!"
A Client at The British Embassy – Bentley Celebration December 2014
The Heels on Grass Fashion Event at The Westin Abu Dhabi turned out to be a great success!
One of the reasons for that was because of lovely Denise at Dees-Boutique - Clean Heels who was gifting all the attendees with a pair of her heel stoppers so we could continue to walk gracefully in the grass and not sink into the dirt!!!
I had my own pair and they worked like a charm and made my 6" stilettos much easier to walk in on the grass! 
If you have any upcoming event which requires you to be outside in grass, pebbles or even those pesky wooden planks, but you still want to wear a pair of your killer sky-high heels, then I recommend you contact Denise and get a hold of a pair of heel stoppers!
Thanks again Denise!
I bought my daughter a pair of the CORE swim goggles and she loved them so
much I have since gone back and bought more pairs for my other children!
We swim a great deal in the UAE and these are the first goggles I have
found that actually stay on and don't let the water in. My five year old
daughter loves them and unlike all the other brands we have tried (there
have been several!) she actually finds them comfortable! It's not an
argument to get them on every time! We are thrilled with the CORE goggles
and won't turn to any other brand now.

The swim caps are gorgeous - a bit of fun and perfect fun for my five year
old! We have bought the shark fin cap and my husband wishes they had them
in an adult size!!!

The heel stoppers I purchased were all everyone could talk about that night… it really made walking on grass easier and more enjoyable. The fact that the heel stoppers are made of rubber made it easier to walk on without fearing they might break or not last me the whole night. Denise was easy to reach and was able to deliver in the time needed.

I’ve already recommended her to others. 

They are something every girl needs for an event thank you Denise!

 Yasmine Elashmawi. 


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