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Clear Heel Stopper

Clean Heels

Clear Heel Stopper
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A unique accessory for all ladies who love high heels.
Walk with confidence be smart and sexy on uneven surfaces.
Don't let that sinking feeling spoil an otherwise perfect day!
Women's Everyday Accessory 
Stop heels sinking into grass and protect wooden floors 
Ideal For: 
Going to the Races 
A day out at Polo 
Give us stability in heels 
Protect wooden floors 
Used at Stately Homes 
Gravel paths 
Cobbled stones 
Flooring on boats 
Don't get that sinking feeling!
They prevent high heels from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks and protect wooden floors.
Easy to use
The Clean Heel is designed to fit snugly and the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel of the shoe.
Protects you and your shoes
The flexible tube not only protects the heel from any splashing or dirt in wet weather, but also stabilizes the balance of the wearer when walking on uneven surfaces.
Perfect for Handbags
Never leave home without a pair in your handbag, just in case. Girl's best friend is her heelstoppers, no ruined heels.
Turn the shoe over and measure the flat widest part of the flat D shape and take the first measurement on the size guide. 
For example if your heel measurement is 1cm then go for the Small. 
The tubes are flexible so they will stretch a little. 
KITTEN HEELS: You can chop the top off the tube to shorten the tube to get on easier. 
Size Guide 
Petite - actual size 0.5mm - stretch to size 0.7mm 
Small - actual size 0.8mm - stretch to size 1.1cm 
Med - actual size 1.2cm - stretch to size 1.5cm