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Clean Heels - Black Heel Stopper

Clean Heels

Clean Heels - Black Heel Stopper
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Clean Heels
A unique accessory for all ladies who love high heels.
Walk with confidence be smart and sexy on uneven surfaces.
Don't let that sinking feeling spoil an otherwise perfect day!
 Stop heels sinking into grass, gravel paths, cobbled stones, sand and wooden floors.
 Ideal For: Weddings. Outdoor Events. The Races. A day out at Polo. 
Used at Stately Homes. On Yachts and Boats
 Size Guide 
Petite - actual size 0.5mm - stretch to size 0.7mm 
Small - actual size 0.8mm - stretch to size 1.1cm 
Med - actual size 1.2cm - stretch to size 1.5cm 
The tubes are flexible so they will stretch a little.