Ballerina Pumps - Fold Up

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Save your feet at the end of the day with the handy roll-up ballerina pumps.

These ladies fold-up shoes come in a handy bag, ready for you to slip on when you've had enough of wearing heels. A great small gift that delivers instant relief after rocking heels at weddings, the races, parties, polo or any other event!

Available in Black, Silver and Gold.

Size S (35 - 36) length of shoe 23.5cm – size 3 - 4
Size M (36 - 39) length of shoe 24.5cm – size 4 - 6
Size L (38 - 40) length of shoe 25.8cm – size 5.5 - 7

Outer Sole: Rubber PU (polyurethane)
Lining Material: Cotton

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