Heart Chakra Necklace - Love


Heart Chakra Necklace - Love

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 Our Heart Chakra Necklace is for L.O.V.E  
It can help you to find inner peace by encouraging compassion and self-love. Respecting ones own boundaries so you can be in healthy relationships. 
 Heart Chakra Stones
  • Jade
  • Rose quartz 
  • Rhodonite
  • Labradorite
  • Ocean jasper
  • Pink Talcum
  • Crysophrase
NOTE: Stone combinations may vary depending on supply.
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Heart Chakra Ritual

Count through your crystals one by one and put your intention into your stones, focusing on a sense of infinite love and compasion for all things. 

About your Chakra Lace
These simply beautiful and unique chakra jewelry can provide you with a basis on which to create your own personalised talisman of positive energy, support and wellbeing.
Our Chakra necklaces are all hand made with 54 A grade crystals.
Each one is cut, tumbled and double polished to resemble organic river pebbles, so they look natural and feel more tactile.
 " The gorgeous pebble shaped chakra stones in my chakra necklace help me to connect to natures awesome healing energy. "



"It's been about two months since I was gifted a Heart Chakra Lace. I'm a natural born skeptic, but I have to admit that wearing these crystals for the last two months has made a huge difference in my life. The combination of the energy of the crystals along with the lace acting as a constant reminder of my intention has opened my heart chakra in subtle and beautiful ways. The gift giver told me that I was a control freak in areas of the heart. It made no sense at the time. Now I not only see exactly what she was talking about, but am letting go and going with the flow. I also get compliments on it everywhere I go. Thank you for creating these beautiful and powerful pieces. They really are way more than jewellery. "

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