Clean Heels - 20 Mixed Pairs

Clean Heels

Clean Heels  - 20 Mixed Pairs
Prices in US $
Mixed box of 20 Clear pairs
Mixed Sizes: 2 Petite, 10 Small, 8 Medium

 Heel Protectors for every occasion!

Our mixed selection packs are ideal if you are planning an Wedding ,outdoor party or inviting guests to your home or yacht.

Each pack contains a variety of sizes of our Original Plain Clear Heel Stoppers. 

Stop your heels sinking into grass and protect wooden floors!

 Perfect For: 

- Weddings

- Going to the races 

- Attending the polo  

- Protecting wooden floors 

- Protecting decking

- Stabilising on gravel paths 

- Avoiding falls on cobbled stones 

- Giving you stability as you walk

 and they fit snuggly in your handbag!