Chakra Soul Stone Collection

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Chakra Soul Stone Collection on Silver Chains

Beautiful Stones on a Silver Chain

Necklace is 45cm in Length

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Blue Lace Agate can also provide clarity of thought and help one remember what matters most.
Birth Stone Month Is April 

When our heart Chakra is imbalanced or in need of support we may become closed and unwilling to allow new abundance into our lives.  Chrysoprase works energetically to support you in those areas.
 Birth Stone Month is December


Clear quartz can give one an instant energetic lift, and it can be used to filter negativity and transform critical thoughts and actions by producing a protective ionic aura.

Birth Stone is the month of April


No matter where your energy is turquoise can help pull you back towards a true expression. It can bring clarity to murky thoughts and energies with this energetically grounding stance.

Birth Stone Month is December

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