Birth Stone Angel Wing Necklace - Turquoise

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Birth Stone Angel Wing Necklace - Turquoise
Turquoise Stone.
Turquoise is December Birth Stone
Silver Bell
Sterling silver necklace is 45cm long
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You are always surrounded by Angels, they are pure beings of light that love and support you with divine energy. Angels love you unconditionally they do not judge you, they simply shower you with love, protection and guidance.
Use this gorgeous sterling silver necklace to raise your vibration access your angel guides and remember those you love.
Angels help and guide you through life by sending you little signs, signals or intuitive messages. They also help to protect you and connect you to your loved ones past and present. 
Each time you hear the tiny chime of our signature intention bell you will know that someone loves you unconditionally and is always looking out for your best interest.
To make these necklaces even more special you get to choose your favourite crystal so you receive all the protection and support you need. 

TIP: These necklaces make a great birthday or bridal gift.


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